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College Coaching Program $199 a month


Going off to college can be a challenging and overwhelming experience for students who are used the daily support of parents, teachers and longtime friends.

Don’t send your child off alone.  SAT Smart provides College Coaches who are available to guide your child through the academic and social minefields of college life.

College Coaches are Ivy League college graduates who successfully navigated the college experience and are now employed at the most impressive companies in the U.S., or attending one of the most elite graduate programs.

Through bi-weekly 1-hour phone calls or Skype sessions, they can help your child make the best choices as they move through their college experience and lead them on the path to future success.  

College Coaches help students with study and time management techniques, dealing with academic and social stress, lining up internships and jobs, choosing and scheduling courses, meeting requirements for medical, law or graduate school, preparing a resume, practicing interview skills, and so much more.

College coaching students also have access to our Ivy League essay editing coaches who will help edit your child’s essays and papers, greatly improving their grades in all academic subjects.