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College Counseling Service

The College Counselor program is a division of SAT SMART that has helped thousands of students gain acceptance to the best colleges in the country since 1995! 

As a certified member of the National Association of College Admission Counseling, with a degree from Columbia University, Susan Alaimo, the director of SAT Smart, is proud to have successfully worked with thousands of students over the past twenty years, helping them gain acceptance to the ideal colleges for their talents and objectives. Many students have gained admission to competitive Ivy League Colleges, when that was their goal, while others have gained acceptance to small, private colleges or competitive state universities, when that was their dream.  Since the “list price” of many top colleges has now soared past $70,000 a year, it is imperative to file strong applications to have the best chance of getting impressive scholarship award packages for the freshman year as this is the money that is typically renewed for each of the student’s subsequent years. ​

The SAT Smart College Application Process includes:
-Meeting with parents and student to identify student’s distinctive strengths and passions and plan college objectives   
-Researching colleges, based on criteria discussed at meeting, and developing a list of eight to twelve ideal colleges that meet the parameters set by parents and will best insure that the student will reach his/her objectives and have the college experience that he/she is seeking 
-Meeting with parents and student to present proposed college list and recommend strategies to uniquely position student, optimizing potential for success 
-Working with student during private sessions, focusing on the college applications, essays and resume, and utilizing strategies to personalize each application to stand out to college admissions officers