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SAT Smart "Ivy League Tutoring Experts Since 1995"

SAT Smart is a local, affordable and highly effective PSAT, SAT and ACT  preparation service. SAT Smart instructors are Ivy League educated and have earned perfect or near perfect SAT scores.  Our programs include 12-hour preparation courses, private one-on-one tutoring, and college application services.  Since 1995, SAT SMART has helped thousands of students develop the confidence and skills necessary to meet their potential on the day of the “big test!” We utilize official College Board and ACT, Inc. material and teach students the strategies of the test, as well as how the test is scored, how to pace themselves, and how to back into the correct answer.  

In our small group courses, all students are given their own copy of  "2020 Official SAT Study Guide” by College Board  (with four complete SAT exams) or The Real ACT Prep Guide by ACT, Inc (with 5 complete ACT exams). Students are also provided with the SAT Smart official Strategy Guide which is invaluable in ongoing test preparation. 

Private tutoring sessions utilize the same materials while personalizing the instruction towards the student's individual needs. We are able to hone in on a student's specific strengths and weaknesses in order to help each student reach his/her potential on these all-important tests.  ​​